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An online platform meticulously crafted to promote informed discussions and disclosures about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

This website not only highlights my literary contributions, including UFO Highway (2010), and UFO Nexus (2023), but also includes an array of articles, the Strange Radio Central podcast, and the latest updates on speaking engagements, book releases, and other media-related activities.

The website boasts a significant online following, with active enthusiasts engaging across Facebook pages (@UFOCurrents, @UFOHighwayOfficial) that have thousands of active followers. Additionally, my Email List, cultivated over a decade, comprises more than 18,300 subscribers who have opted in for regular updates. And the newsletter subscribership to the new site since its launch is growing.

Recently, UFO Currents has expanded its digital footprint, establishing a notable presence on various social media platforms. In the past few weeks, as I began integrating social media channels such as Threads, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Rumble into our communication strategy, we have observed a surge of new followers.

Above all, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, the reader and researcher. Your interest and engagement are invaluable. It's my earnest endeavor to ensure that UFO Currents stands as a reliable and authoritative source for your UAP and UFO research pursuits.

To echo a sentiment once expressed by Leonard Nimoy, "The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have." This quote resonates deeply with the ethos of our community and mission.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Anthony F. Sanchez
Author and Researcher


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Control Revealed: Encounter Beyond the Veil

Fri, 05 Jul 2024 17:27:51 +0000

From the outside of my window, the sky was a tempest of ominous, rapidly moving clouds, pierced by strange, resonant sounds. As the early evening unfolded, I, along with many Continue reading

(Blog: ufohighway.wordpress.com)

The 1971 USS Trepang (SSN-674) UFO Incident: Revisited

Thu, 04 Jul 2024 21:29:39 +0000

If you’ve been active on social media this first week of July, especially on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), you might have encountered a series of intriguing images purportedly depicting Continue reading

(Blog: ufohighway.wordpress.com)

Earth’s Hidden Technological Civilizations: Plural, Not Singular

Wed, 19 Jun 2024 21:48:11 +0000

The power of one, the power of two, the power of many! While I don’t wish to alienate the many Star Wars fans who are disappointed with Disney’s Star Wars: Continue reading

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